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“Manchester is the belly and guts of the Nation” – George Orwell

“……we do things differently here” – Anthony Wilson

“The thing about Manchester is…it all comes from here” – Liam Gallagher

“Manchester’s got everything except a beach “ – Ian Brown

“Manchester is a working class city and it has fantastic people there. They went through some difficult times in the past, they will get together because they’ve got a working class ethic about them and there’s a great unity there in the city.” – Sir Alex Ferguson


Great Quotes but are they justified?


George Osborne coined the phrase ‘Northern Powerhouse’ in June 2014 where he described a vision of a Prosperous North of England competing with the economically more prosperous South of England, in which Manchester would lead the way.

Manchester has indeed led the way….


                                                                                               Piccadilly Square


Following on from the £700 million+ investment in Media City we have seen £800 million invested in Airport City, £235 million for the Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advance Materials and £110 million in “The Factory”, Rem Kollhaas’s arts development. This clearly demonstrates there is no shortage in property investment. Manchester clearly means business and with this ongoing development, it is expected that Greater Manchester’s population will increase to 3.5 million from 2.7 million by 2035. This means around 10,300 new homes will be required every year until then.

Geographically it is the third biggest City in size in the UK, however Manchester is now universally considered the UK’s Second City with a GVA (Gross Value Added) of £56 billion expected to rise to £58.9 billion by the end of 2017 with the creation of 22,258 jobs according to a recent Irwin Mitchell report, higher than West Yorkshire (£46 Billion), Merseyside (£27 billion) and the North East (£45 billion).This is expected to rise by 2.4% per year to 2024 to £72 billion.

The City has long since shed it’s heavy industrial manufacturing bias and is now widely respected as an economic knowledge led centre, with research and development at its core.It also has key centres around digital and creative, media, as typified by Media City, financial legal and professional services, biotechnology, Health and Social Care, global sports brands, ‘Advanced’ Manufacturing and Real Estate. Several International Companies have moved to the area, impressed by the regions infrastructure growth and redevelopment of vast areas of land.


                                                                                             Media City


Outside of London, the Financial Legal and Professional Services sector, is the biggest in the Country employing 324,000 people. Key Companies include BNY Mellon , Co-Op and RBS. The Creative and Digital Sector employs over 63,000 people with key employers being Media City uk (home to BBC and ITV) and Sharp. Advanced Manufacturing employs 1 in 10 Greater Manchester residents and includes NXP, Siemens and Holroyd whilst Health and Social Care employs 177,000 at such employers as BUPA, The Christie and the UK Biobank .

There are approximately 1.4 million people working in Greater Manchester in around 105,000 businesses of which 86100 are Micro (0-9 employees) 15,300 small (10-49 employees) 3,400 medium (50-249 employees)and 600 large (over 250 employees).

Culturally, Manchester was named UK’s best place to live in 2016, even if it does rain quite a bit, in the Global liveability study for the third year in a row, thanks to its good standard of living, various museums, shops, restaurants, notable sporting and musical arenas and various other attractions.

However the city hasn’t always had it so good…..


                                                                                             Deansgate (1996)

Contrast this to June 1996, in the aftermath of the IRA bomb, the largest ever in Mainland Britain, which decimated buildings, the city’s infrastructure and large areas of land. 700 businesses were wiped out and a third of the city’s floor space disappeared overnight but Manchester fought back and we have seen a dramatic and inspiring transformation of it from a relatively provincial city in Northern England into a European city of business and culture of some standing.

So much so that the people and businesses of Manchester have seen the city’s economy, literally “rise from the ashes” to double in the 20 years post the 1996 bombing, with its population up 26% and average Annual growth at 6.6% compared with a national average of 5.1%

Yet whilst Manchester’s continued success has led to some inevitable problems of success such as homelessness and deprivation issues in the area, as Sir Richard Leese, former leader of the City Council said “The problems of success are better to have than the problems of failure.”

We are all appalled that Manchester has again been hit by the evilness of terrorism recently, but we know this is clearly a city that will not crumble and will go on to become ever more successful thanks to the resilience of its people.


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Sam Pepperell

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