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Congratulations you have finally landed that new role you have wanted for ages and are all ready to get going.

We have talked about adapting to a new company culture in a previous post. Now let’s explore how to truly excel in your new role.

Here at LWR, we have now been placing candidates for approaching 25 years (look out for our special events and celebrations over the next few months).

Over that time, we have noticed that the people who excel and become “shining lights” in their organisations exhibit certain habits and patterns of behaviour that seem to result in a positive start in their new role. Let’s explore this first before we launch into some suggestions.


Be Prepared to Develop New Habits



A new company and a new start? For many of us when we change organisations it gives us an opportunity to ‘do it differently’. A new culture or an expanded role is often a nudge in the direction to create new habits; that in the bigger scheme of things don’t take long to develop.

A study by Phillipa Lally the health psychology researcher at University College London published in the European Journal of Social Psychology discovered that on average it takes more than two months before a new behaviour becomes automatic; not the original 21 days that is often misquoted.

It seems logical then that if you implement some of the following ideas and strategies during your first month, it is going to pay dividends not only for month one but for many months later.


Make an Impression


There is a well-known saying that; “first impressions count”, and they do. When you first arrive in an organisation all eyes are on you and in a positive way. Depending on your personality style, being the centre of attention might not be natural for you, however, it’s important. Look to create a “Wow” factor, when people mention your name.

Your new manager will want to validate his or her hiring decision. Time to start ‘walking the talk’ from your interview and there are multiple ways to do this.


Dress for Success!


Though this might sound like a cliché and a throw back to the 80’s, dress sense and style matters.

If you looked good at interview, do the same daily. Shallow though it may be; your company’s clients, team members and your new boss will notice.

It also has an unconscious effect that might surprise you. It will make you feel; good, upbeat and positive. These are all essential as you navigate your new role and company.


Be on Time !



Timekeeping and lack of it are still a huge pressure point when it comes to how you are viewed in an organisation. From the impression you leave with the senior manager that see’s you running across the car park late, to your team mate who is waiting for a conversation with you before they can move on with their next piece of work.

At a networking event, recently one of the delegates was chatting to me about how a recruit had moved to a role in a town in West Yorkshire from London. Unfortunately, her time keeping was terrible, though it wasn’t her only issue it was a contributing factor to her not passing her probationary period.

This isn’t about being in the office before everyone starts; it’s about respect and professionalism.
And exhibiting a good old fashioned positive habit that is as important today as it has ever been.


Develop A Great Relationship with Your Manager

Depending on the role in question your new manager will probably have had the final say in employing you. They want you to succeed; so, help them do exactly that. We shared a step by step blog post on how to impress them too.

At Lucy Walker Recruitment we give all our successful candidates a mantra, it’s; ask questions, listen, learn and act.

Find out what is important to them and what their own performance objectives are; so easy to do in casual conversation. This will give you a sense of what you need to deliver and how you can help. Make your managers life easier by understanding their challenges and watch how smoothly you start to fit into an organisation.

Make proactivity your focus, and you won’t go far wrong. Hint: Managers love proactive team members. Which leads me to one final thing in today’s post.


Be A Team Player



Apologies I can’t resist saying; Together Everyone Achieves More 😊, which truly sums up the power of a team. As an experienced recruitment company we are fully aware that organisations grow because of their people. We also know that organisations with great teams do even better than others.

Being a team player is becoming more important in a business context. In fact, I suspect at your interview you will have been asked questions to find out how you work in a team setting.

As soon as you can, make it your mission to connect with everyone in your team. Go out to the pub after work, grab a sandwich together and find out about your colleagues. Do you need to be best buddies with everyone? No. We are all different and some you will gravitate to some people more than others and that is natural.

Ready to get going? Good luck!

At Lucy Walker Recruitment we have been helping candidates develop their careers for 25 years. We can help you too. Call us on 0113 367 2880 or our Manchester office on 0161 661 4421.

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Lucy Walker is the Managing Director of Lucy Walker Recruitment , leading North of England commercial recruiter. Lucy has 28 years experience in the sector and leads her experienced team to help companies achieve their growth plans and candidates to further their careers.