thinking differently about RECRUITMENT

What is Engage?

Engage, is our online recruitment platform, which combines the latest technological processes with profiling, assessment, benchmarking and interviewing tools, to help streamline your recruitment process, reduce your overall costs to hire and significantly improve your new employee retention levels.

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What are the Key Features of Engage?

  • Secure Online Platform

    This allows clients, interested stakeholders and candidates alike, the opportunity to actively manage and review bespoke Live job campaigns at any time from any PC, tablet or smartphone wherever you are in the world, 24/7. Messaging and requests can also be processed via the system for ease.

  • Video Introductions

    Recorded personally by each candidate, this can allow you to form some first impressions at the initial stages to help begin the screening processes. You can also use the software to ask for specific timed responses to questions you may select from shortlisted candidates further down the interview/selection process.

  • Job Profiling

    By profiling the behaviours you and your colleagues identify are necessary for the role, you can objectively assess the candidates from their assessments against what you require from the role. This eliminates the Hiring on Skills and firing on behaviour culture may organisations find themselves in which impacts the success of recruitment campaigns and ultimately staff retention.

  • Behavioural Assessment

    Innovative behavioural assessments based specifically on the workplace build a detailed profile of the candidate and how they act within their current role and how they prefer to act within the workplace. This allows you to in turn assess, with certainty, how suited their behaviours are to your role, as part of the process.

  • Interview Questioning

    All Lucy Walker Recruitment candidates will have been interviewed by one of our experienced consultants, skills tested, where appropriate, fully briefed on your role, provided with a full information pack in respect of your role and your Company and talked through the interview process before attending your premises for interview. This will ensure your time is not wasted by seeing unprepared Candidates and that the Candidate experience of your Employer Brand is a good one.

  • Benchmarking

    Our platform enables Clients and individual stakeholders to easily review and score, based on preset criteria, candidates shortlisted for the role, helping for objective and clear decision making at the final stages of the process.

  • Placements guaranteed for 12 months!

    The use of technology, science and profiling enables us to derisk your hiring process and the results of candidates hired through the system enable us to be confident to offer industry leading free replacement guarantees.

What are the Key Benefits of Engage?

  • Accurate Outcomes

    The technology and assessments in the system is designed to eliminate guesswork from your recruitment process. Our platform goes over and above the traditional Level 1 -Appear to and Level 2-Can Do testing, most employers perform by drilling down a stage furtherto Level 3-Will Do testing. Your days of “hiring on Skills and Firing on behaviours,” adopted by many organisations will now be at any end and you can move forward with increased confidence with your decision making, backed up by extensive testing.

  • Improved New Employee Retention Rates

    96% of the Candidates placed via our engage process are still in the same employment 12 months later and this is 93% after 24 months. Obviously the result of this is improved retention rates which will ultimately feed through to reduced commercial downtime recruiting and a reduction in overall costs to hire.

  • Secure, Accessible and Transparent Process for All

    The fact that the platform can be accessed 24/7 from any device, allows all interested parties in the campaign to be actively participate in every step of the process allowing for transparency and clarity for all parties and reducing wasted time or confusion.

  • Improves EVP and Employer Branding

    By utilising an interactive platform ,incorporating latest technologies, your opportunity to attract the top talent to your campaigns and your organisation is significantly enhanced. This will in turn help your Talent attraction strategies by improving your Employer Branding and the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for your organisation.

To find out more about how Engage could work for you and how you could take advantage of our 12 month free replacement Candidate guarantees why not schedule a call with one of our experts by clicking the Link below or emailing them. They will be able to discuss your Current processes and demo the system for you.