Lucy Walker Recruitment in exciting new link-up with vCreate

Lucy Walker Recruitment are delighted to have agreed a link up with vCreate , the Leeds based Company which specialise in driving effective Customer engagement through the use of the latest Video technology. "There is no denying the significant influence of Video technology in both the B2C and B2B e [...]

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Recruitment Costs? The Truth About Your Recruiting Process and Profit

Recruitment costs: Yes agreed, it is a business expense after all, though consider a much broader question. When it comes to business growth there are multiple factors that contribute to how an organisation performs and recruiting the ‘right’ people is at the top of the list. A great product or need [...]

Changes to National Minimum Wage & National Living Wage Rates

Important notice for all Clients:- These rates change on the 1st April 2017. Changes are as follows:- 25 and Over       upto £7.50 per hour from £7.20 per hour 21-24                    upto £7.50 per hour from £6.95 per hour 18-20                    upto £5.60 per hour  from £5.55 per hour Under 18 [...]

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Lucy Walker Recruitment to publish 2017 Workplace Report

Following extensive research of Clients and Candidates in Quarter 4 of 2016 and in January 2017, Lucy Walker Recruitment are set to release their 2017 Workplace Report in the near future. The Report which details the major issues currently affecting the Workplace will be available to download from o [...]

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Lucy Walker Recruitment to be Headline Sponsors at The PA Hub Yorkshire PA Awards 2017. {VIDEO INCLUDED}

Award-winning Lucy Walker Recruitment are delighted to announce they have teamed up with The PA Hub to be the Headline Sponsors at the Yorkshire PA Awards 2017 to be held in Leeds on Thursday 22nd June 2017. The event showcases the Outstanding work  of the PA, EA and VA community within West Yorkshi [...]

New HR Portal Launched!

No one needs to tell us at Lucy Walker Recruitment that our most vital asset is our People. After all, we spend our days consulting with our Clients and advising of the significant value that we believe that particular individuals and their particular skill sets can add to their Organisations. We ar [...]

7 Ways for Managers to Improve Productivity At Work

There’s never enough time to get it all done; is there? Yet it’s more than possible to improve your productivity at work. Whether it’s being buried under an avalanche of emails every morning or finding that you never make solid progress on tasks because of constant distractions. It seems like you co [...]

Generations in The Workplace? Who Are They and What You Need to Know

Generations in the workplace? A hot topic currently across the globe. If you are immersed in the management, leadership or recruitment field you will be aware of the rising impact of the different generations we all recruit. This is especially important in the UK that is gripped by the current skill [...]

Lucy Walker Recruitment receive Corporate Excellence Award.

Lucy Walker Recruitment are delighted to announce that they have been recognised in the UK Corporate Excellence Award for Recruitment Consultancy of the Year for 2016 in the West Yorkshire Region. The UK Corporate Excellence Awards focus on organisations across the United Kingdom who the organisers [...]

4 Simple Strategies To Deliver A Stand Out Job Spec

Job specs ? The start of any recruitment search. This time of year is always busy in the world of recruitment. You know the scenario I guess? New year new start, with many employees saying; “I am definitely going to move to another company in the first quarter.” That, on the surface, is great news f [...]