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Delegation Skills: The Important Must Have Skill for All Business Leaders

Delegation skills? The key skill all great leaders need to develop. In one of our recent posts, we covered the topical subject of overwhelm at work. It can happen to any of us.  Its causes are many and varied, and one of the most common reasons is a lack of delegation to other members of your team.  [...]

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How to Turn Work Overwhelm into Organisation

Even the best of us can experience the dreaded ‘o’ word. No, not overworking, that is the subject of another post. Instead, it’s the overwhelm word; can you relate? I bet you can. It’s a common experience that seems to be more prevalent today than ever before. When I started Lucy Walker Recruitment  [...]

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Attracting Talent To Your Company In A Skills Deficit Market

Attracting talent to your company isn’t easy. According to a recent post on Sky News employers are still struggling to fill roles as EU workers are exiting the UK with fears around Brexit. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) found that while demand for permanent staff continues to gro [...]

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The 3 Ways to Plan Your Career in A Changing Market

When trouble or opportunity strike in our career, many of us simply allow ourselves to be carried along with the prevailing current, thereby ending up in jobs that we didn’t necessarily choose. We might even apply a lack of planning to all our career choices, happy to carry on as we are until someth [...]

What Employers In The North Are Looking For In You?

What do employers want ? Though the UK is in the grip of a skills shortage, don’t let that make you complacent that the role you have found on your favourite recruitment company’s website will be a cinch to get. Any employer in the North of England worth their salt (and these are the only ones we wo [...]

Lucy Walker Recruitment receive Corporate Excellence Award.

Lucy Walker Recruitment are delighted to announce that they have been recognised in the UK Corporate Excellence Award for Recruitment Consultancy of the Year for 2016 in the West Yorkshire Region. The UK Corporate Excellence Awards focus on organisations across the United Kingdom who the organisers [...]

4 Simple Strategies To Deliver A Stand Out Job Spec

Job specs ? The start of any recruitment search. This time of year is always busy in the world of recruitment. You know the scenario I guess? New year new start, with many employees saying; “I am definitely going to move to another company in the first quarter.” That, on the surface, is great news f [...]

Spoiler Alert: Your CV Isn’t Fit For Purpose

You might think that because of the rise of the World Wide Web, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, that the humble CV is dead; outdated, thrown on the scrapheap for something new and different. Apologies, I am about to be quite blunt and you’re wrong; it’s as important today as it was 500 y [...]