{VIDEO} Blog- 5 Tips to Help You When Sending Your CV to a Recruitment Agency

We hope you enjoy the first in a series of regular Video Blogs from our team of experts designed to give Candidates and Clients, clear, relevant and valuable advice to help them in either their search for work or to help them attract new recruits to their Organisation. In this Video, Mark and Christ [...]

Spoiler Alert: Your CV Isn’t Fit For Purpose

You might think that because of the rise of the World Wide Web, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, that the humble CV is dead; outdated, thrown on the scrapheap for something new and different. Apologies, I am about to be quite blunt and you’re wrong; it’s as important today as it was 500 y [...]

4 Simple Steps To A Better Social Media Presence For Job Seekers

Having spent many years discussing the reasons for selection of Candidates for Interview with our Clients, we feel we are in a good position to identify trends and provide constructive feedback for job seekers on this topic. So, it should come as no surprise that aside from your details on a CV, whi [...]

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8 Top Tips For A Successful Interview To Get That Job

A Job Interview is a Big Deal. It can be nerve-racking in the extreme and of course when you're nervous you won't be at your best. So we wanted to share this advice so you can present well on the big day. Preparing For The Interview 1. Research The Company Know why you want to work for this particul [...]

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How to Nail Those 8 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

How to Nail Those 8 Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions Having conducted a fair few interviews over the last twenty years and discussed interview feedback with many more interviewers and interviewees, we have identified several questions which form part of the interview process and wanted to s [...]

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